I’m a technologist. I help people, I solve problems and I write text that tells a computer what to do. My name is Mazz.


I have worked in the tech industry for over a decade. There are lots of things I can work on with you. I am not restricted to just the things I have done before as I am more than capable of picking up and running with new technologies and ideas.
Here are some of the things I could help you with:


She always put other people first ensuring both the team was happy and the work was being delivered properly. As well as being a great people person she was an amazing developer, someone I could look up to.

Amy WhitneyProduct designer at github

She tackled things as diverse as content ingestion, front end web code, and helping shepherd and improve our internal development processes. Enthusiastic, smart and unwilling to compromise.

James Aylett Ex co-founder and CTO at Artfinder

She contributed great code and design ideas despite having to learn a new programming language as she went along… a vital part of developing a tightly knit team who had to deliver complex work under tight time pressures.

James Stewart Head of Technology at Government Digital Service

She is a great communicator, to developers and other team members, is always willing and excited to learn new things, and delivers thoughtful and precise code quickly and efficiently.
She is an asset to any team.

Mark Norman FrancisInternet boffin

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Online identities are scattered about the place and not always viewable in one place by everyone. Here are a few places you can find things that I have done:


I really like this picture I took of some jellyfish. It makes me happy.